Corporate Strategy & Business Policy
      In this global world of today, businesses are faced with newer challenges for their survival and growth. In this fast changing world driven by technology and intense competition the mantra for success of any business is “Change else you perish’. The key to success lies in the ability of the business to foresee changes and adapt its marketing and corporate strategies so as to face the newer challenges based on its inner strengths and taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the global business environment. We have a well equipped research team which is constantly engaged in the analysis of the business environment at the macro and micro levels on a systematic basis. We prepare decision alternatives and recommend the best strategy based on detailed and systematic research.

•    Market Survey
•    Demand / Supply Studies
•    Identification of Products for Import / Exports
•    Buying Agents for Foreign Companies
•    Advising Corporates on FEMA, Customs, Excise or General Matters on Ongoing Basis
•    Access International Product Markets

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