Corporate Debt Restructuring
      Libord has vast experience in the field of Corporate Debt Restructuring. We are well versed with the preparation of the CDR proposals and working with the lead banker appointed as the Monitoring Agency. We provide specialised services at the reference, approval and implementation stages of the CDR Scheme.

•    Preparing Flash Reports
•    Preparation of the Restructuring Scheme
•    Justification for  Considering BIFR Case under CDR Mechanism
•    Conformity with RBI Guidelines
•    Working Results & Financial Analysis (ROCE, DSCR, IRR, Cost of Finance, Critical Ratios etc.)
•    Carrying out Techno-Marketing-Financial Appraisal
•    Profitability Projections and Viability
•    Details of Reliefs and Concessions: Institution / Bank-wise
•    Valuation of the Assets
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