Libord Advisors Pvt. Ltd.  
Corporate Finance
  • Arranging Short Term Loan from Institutions, Banks and Corporates
  • Assisting in Obtaining Term Loan & Working Capital Requirements
  • Placement of Commercial papers
  • Arranging ECB or Foreign Currency Loans
  • Arranging Lease / Hire Purchase
  • Arranging Inter- Corporate Deposits
  • Bill Discounting
  • Loans against Securities
  • Mortgage Loans
Our Services
Merchant Banking
Merger & Acquisition
Corporate Finance
Corporate Advisory Services
Corporate Debt Restructuring
Rehabilitation of Sick Companies
Service to Foreign Enterprises
Project Management
Management Services
Corporate Strategy & Business Policy
Libord Advisors Pvt. Ltd. Libord Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Libord Securities Ltd. Libord Finance Ltd.