Libord Advisors Pvt. Ltd.  
IPO / QIP / Right Issues / Pre-IPO
Project Appraisal
Capital structuring 
DRHP/RHP- Compilation of Offer Document.
Tie Ups (placement) 
Formalities with SEBI / Stock Exchange / ROC etc.,
Rights Issue
Follow-on Issues
Promotion /Marketing of Issues 
Collecting Banker / Banker to an issue 
Post Issue Management 
Refund Bankers 
Debenture Trusteeship 
Registrar & Transfer Agency (our Subsidiary)
Qualified Institutional Placement
Preferential Placements to Institutional and Strategic Investors
Underwriting IPOs
Open Offer/ Takeover/ Revocation/ Buy-back / Delisting
Open offer
Buy-back offers

Other Advisory Services

  •          Corporate Finance
  •          Corporate Advisory Services
  •          Corporate Debt Restructuring
  •          Rehabilitation of Sick Companies
  •          Services to Foreign Enterprises
  •          Project management
  •          Management Services

Merger, Acquisitions & Amalgamation

  • Merger Advisory
  • Acquisition
  • Divestitures
  • Joint Venture
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Take over
  • Demerger
  • Project Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Debt Restructuring
  • Valuation of Business


Valuation of Fixed Assets of SLIL
Valuation under the IBC Code, 2016

Valuation of the Assets of SDAL
Valuation under the IBC Code, 2016

Valuation of Assets of KSEPL
Valuation under the IBC Code, 2016

Valuation of Fixed Assets of UBEL
Valuation under the IBC Code, 2016
Our Services
Merchant Banking
Merger & Acquisition
Corporate Finance
Corporate Advisory Services
Corporate Debt Restructuring
Rehabilitation of Sick Companies
Service to Foreign Enterprises
Project Management
Management Services
Corporate Strategy & Business Policy
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